Acupuncture doubles chance of having a baby with IVF, study suggests

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Acupuncture could dramatically boost theAcupuncture for conception chances of IVF treatment working, a study suggests.

For the 4.5 million couples experiencing infertility each year, acupuncture may be just what the doctor ordered. Acupuncture can increase fertility by reducing stress, increasing blood flow to the reproductive organs and balancing the endocrine system, according to several studies and medical research.

A British study found that rates of success were twice as high among those having the alternative therapy. Fertility experts said the findings were interesting and statistically significant.

However, they warned that it was unclear whether the apparent benefit stemmed from the traditional Chinese practice – or from a placebo effect, because the women became more relaxed after time was invested in them.

The study by Homerton University Hospital in London, involved 160 couples suffering from fertility problems. Half were assigned to have four sessions of acupuncture during their IVF cycle.                                                                             family 

Fertility treatment is stressful and it can be quite helpful to have a therapy which relaxes them

Dr Adam Balen

One year on, those who underwent the ancient practice, involving fine needles,

had achieved pregnancy rates of 46.2 per cent. Among those who had not,

pregnancy rates were just 21.7 per cent.

Cold and Flu remedies

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There is plenty of sniffling, coughing, sore throats, sweating and aching to various degrees going on all around the place again!Dry Needling Mount Waverley

Alas we are yet to find a cure! Cold and Flu virus’s tend to be quite mischievous at mutating to get past vaccinations and treatments. There are some ways to get through it being kind to your body and they are nothing new just good old fashioned tried and tested

Make yourself or your sick loved ones a magic potion….or pick a good natural one up from your local pharmacy, health food store or natural health practitioner if you can! As soon as you notice you’re feeling blah…

Simple homemade ones I suggest:

The Garlic Bomb– 1 whole clove of garlic crushed a teaspoon of Manuka honey mixed together well!

You can also add – black sesame seeds, ginger, turmeric and/or cinnamon

Follow with a big, hot, fresh ginger and lemon/lime tea to sip away and keep hydrated. If you are worried about the garlic odour swallow 1/2 a teaspoon of coriander seed.

Drop some vitamin C and Zinc if you think your dietary sources have not been that great of late!

Onion Cough syrup– chop finely and onion, place in a jar cover with Manuka honey leave for 4-8 hours and drink the syrup. Make another for the next dose. You can also add thyme leaves to the brew and a squeeze of lemon or lime just before serving.

Mothers Day

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Mothers Day……Massage Vouchers available……..Pamper your mother with a nice relaxing massage. Her job is tougher than any other. She raised you until you left the nest without a thank you. She deserves a good massage.Weight Management Mulgrave

Autumn The Season of Change

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Autumn is the season of change! The wind is blowing, leaves are turning beautiful autumnal hues, the days are shortening, contracting and cooling.

It’s a good time to start looking after yourself by making changes to get you ready for winter and prepare for the colder weather ahead.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine it is the time of the Metal element, the Lungs, the Nose (sense of smell) and Skin.

It’s a great time to work on your immunity, circulation, allergies and sinus problem as well as skin diseases. Those of you who suffer these lovely little afflictions might have notice flare ups of symptoms at the moment.

The good news is that by working on treating them now we have the greatest seasonal energetic power on our side to make long lasting improvements and help you to have the best winter health wise you have had for a while.

With the Lungs & Large Intestine, the organ of “letting go” being Yin Yang partners for this season, it’s a great time to give up no longer useful patterns, habits and addictions. Especially in the case of smoking!

Some Autumn tips to get you started..

No. 1 has to be breath..big and deep its great time to get outside on the pleasant crisp fresh days and do aerobic activity, run, walk, dance, practice yoga…what every gets you moving, inhaling and exhaling freely!

Get in Nature, Camping and Hiking become one with the changing season and the tree’s the lungs of the world.

Warm Salt water nasal rinses- with a more traditional neti pot or these days you can get nasal sprays and rinses commercially at the pharmacy.

Use Eucalyptus or lemon tea tree essential oil to clean around the house, in the bath or pop in an infuser – for the bath emulsify a few drops in milk before adding to the water.

Focus on cultivating your inner self and sense of worth. Autumn can be a time of sadness and melancholy energetically as we transition and come down from the electric buzz of Summer.

It’s time for introspection and to make plans for personal projects and down time. It’s also a time of “letting go” of the past make space for new experiences and lessons.

Wear a Scarf- we all have a few stuffed in the cupboard there somewhere! Its time to put them to use the sudden temperature changes and increased windy days are hard on our immunity and internal temperature regulation.

A Scarf is a stylish, easy to carry personal temperature regulation unit and wind break.. So Autumn is time to bust out that one that you brought on your holiday to Venice or that you brought from the flee market in San fran!

Eat seasonal foods that promote moisture and lubrication of body fluids and tissues. Visit your local farmers markets and see what’s actually in season amazing moistening foods include- pears, apple, honey, squashes, zucchini’s, pumpkin, figs, yoghurt and cheese’s.

Increase your intake of herbal tea’s and warm water with sour flavour’s such as lemon and grapefruit and try to limit pungent foods that promote perspiration such as chilli and onion.

Start to reduce your intake of salads, cool and raw foods and increase warm foods such as porridge for breakfast and soups with all those lovely vegies above for dinner.

With Skin Care its time to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Switch to sweet almond oil with a few drops of rose essential oil for your post shower moisturising for your body!

For your face consider adding a hydrating serum with something like Hyaluronic acid and aloe to your routine. Baths, masques and Face & body scrubs with Oatmeal will help to retain moisture and soothe inflammation caused by the change in weather.

Enjoy the crisp clear energy that is autumn and remember I’m here to help if you need it!

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Calf’s Achilles & Feet………..

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This is what I can do to help with Calf’s, Achilles & Feet…..
But what you can do when I am not around is lay on the couch, place pillows under the knees and calf’s and throw legs over the armrest……or lie on the floor and place legs directly up the wall…..
10 minutes… then up and they will feel so much lighter!…..
Hope this helps..leg massage


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The Recipe for Recovery after an Injury!!!!

This is for ALL of you who are in the midst of a Footy Pre Season, Personal Training, or just General Usage of the Body….

The next step after this for recovery is to massage the injured area regularly combined with acupuncture and ultrasound.

Come and see US AT THE CLINIC for treatment and advice, sports injuries are one of our specialties.RICE