Cold and Flu remedies

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There is plenty of sniffling, coughing, sore throats, sweating and aching to various degrees going on all around the place again!Dry Needling Mount Waverley

Alas we are yet to find a cure! Cold and Flu virus’s tend to be quite mischievous at mutating to get past vaccinations and treatments. There are some ways to get through it being kind to your body and they are nothing new just good old fashioned tried and tested

Make yourself or your sick loved ones a magic potion….or pick a good natural one up from your local pharmacy, health food store or natural health practitioner if you can! As soon as you notice you’re feeling blah…

Simple homemade ones I suggest:

The Garlic Bomb– 1 whole clove of garlic crushed a teaspoon of Manuka honey mixed together well!

You can also add – black sesame seeds, ginger, turmeric and/or cinnamon

Follow with a big, hot, fresh ginger and lemon/lime tea to sip away and keep hydrated. If you are worried about the garlic odour swallow 1/2 a teaspoon of coriander seed.

Drop some vitamin C and Zinc if you think your dietary sources have not been that great of late!

Onion Cough syrup– chop finely and onion, place in a jar cover with Manuka honey leave for 4-8 hours and drink the syrup. Make another for the next dose. You can also add thyme leaves to the brew and a squeeze of lemon or lime just before serving.

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